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Craig has worked in the financial arena for over 35 years. He co-founded Sound Wealth Partners in 2016, offering investment advisory solutions to high net worth individuals, as well as providing operational solutions for independent adviser representatives through his SEC registered investment advisor, Fortitude Advisory Group.

Craig began his career with Rhyne Precious Metals Inc. as their head trader, focusing on pricing, hedging, and the servicing of their higher net-worth cliental. In 1996 he became a financial adviser with Sun America Securities Inc. In 1998 he joined Strategic Capital Group as a portfolio manager and investment manager and, continued in that role upon its merger with Private Advisory Group in 2014. Since 1998, Craig has been instrumental in the design of over $1.5 billion in estate plans for high-net-worth families.

Craig is a lifelong Washingtonian and a graduate of Western Washington University. He and his wife enjoy exploring Puget Sound on their boat and spending time with their children and grandchildren.

Contact Craig at (253) 470-4977 or

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