Unlike so many others, we are non-proprietary and have no products to push. Our goal is to give you the confidence in your financial future you've never felt before. Whatever your financial goals, ranging from protection to income to growth, we'd welcome the opportunity to serve you.

An investment strategy is only as good as its net result. We firmly adhere to this irrefutable truth, which is why we focus on the importance of risks as well as returns.



Backed by years of wisdom and experience, through the ups and downs of market cycles, our team prides itself in its personable, kid-gloves approach to help you understand the merits of investing, wherever you are in your financial life.

Ryan Finnigan, Co-Founder

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Ken Peterson, CFP, Partner

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Craig Johnsen, Co-Founder

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Andrew Finnigan, Investment Advisor

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Stacy Shields, Wealth Advisor

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